In keeping with the Black Flag Jiu Jitsu philosophy, Yoga is simultaneously gentle and badass, and there are no egos or pecking order. The vibe is fun, casual and laid back, and we treat the ancient practice of yoga with respect. There is room for students to laugh during class, to be quiet and contemplative, to play and to heal.


At Black Flag, every student has the experience of being welcomed, respected and embraced.

Our classes are built around yoga’s power to strengthen, heal and deliver joy and, in every class and at all levels, we offer accessible poses and ensure safe sequencing. Here, it’s not about how you look, but how you feel.


The spiritual practice of yoga is not left behind, far from it, but it is explained in a practical and straightforward manner. At BFJJC there is nothing to believe in and no mystic truths. Students are allowed to discover and experience – in their own way -- the peace and connection that come with the practice.

Yoga is included in all membership packages.

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Yoga changes lives. It heals bodies, minds and spirits.


Yoga builds strength, balance and mobility. It can improve performance, soothe pain, help prevent injuries, and increase our overall sense of well being. It helps people recover from injuries and addition and, increasingly, it’s being used to anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain and illnesses.

Beyond that, yoga quiets the constant chatter in our minds. It gives us the tools to sink into a quiet, settled place where our intuition and what we authentically want and need can arise.