Kids Submission Arts Wrestling

Submission Arts Wrestling (SAW), is a mixed submission grappling system introduced in the 80’s by Hidetaka Aso. The heavyweight wrestler, a regular to the UWF Dojo in Japan, used a Catch Wrestling Framework to put together a martial art that incorporated elements from his Judo Background as a 6th Degree Kodokan Black belt and his competitive career as a sambist under the tutelage of Viktor Koga, a Russian-Japanese Sambo Master and Pioneer of the Soviet martial art in Japan.

Much like in Luta Livre, A Brazilian Catch Wrestling based martial art, SAW practitioners are ranked with the traditional Japanese grading system of Kyū and Dan used in Judo.

Black Flag Jiu-Jitsu Club is a registered academy of the World Submission Wrestling Federation, headquartered in Japan. We are one of only a small number of academies around the globe that offers this unique and effective grappling system to our members. 

Kids SAW
Kids SAW Class Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am concerned about my child’s safety in Submission Arts Wrestling classes. Should I be?

A. You might be surprised that most parents who send their children to SAW classes have no experience in any martial art themselves. Black Flag Jiu-Jitsu Club strives to provide a safe, yet realistic training environment for children. We make sure there is enough mat space, and we ensure an instructor to student ratio that ensures proper supervision. Each Instructor for the Kids SAW class is a Certified Catch Wrestler under Scientific Wrestling, supervised by Coach Gilbert Olivas, a Black Belt in Submission Arts Wrestling. 

Q. What are your Submission Arts Wrestling classes for children like?

A. Our classes always begin with children lining up and bowing in to show respect to the instructors and to show readiness. Next there is a warm up where children get their heart rate up and practice movements that will help them in their Submission Arts Wrestling game. After the warm up, children are paired up with a teammate, usually one close to their size, to practice basic technique drills.

Once the basic technique drills are finished, the instructor demonstrates  Submission Arts Wrestling technique. Children are again paired up with a teammate to practice the technique presented. Instructors work with children to ensure proper positioning and movement. 2 of the 5 training days for the kids class are dedicated purely to the sparring aspect of training, where practical application of Wrestling take downs, Judo and Sambo throws, and the submission holds of Catch As Catch Can Wrestling. The other 3 days are dedicated purely to drilling static and live SAW technique, as directed by the coaches.


Q. How can Submission Arts Wrestling  help my child not be bullied?

A. We train our SAW  children to carry themselves confidence. We help equip them to avert confrontations, and if necessary to resolve physical confrontations by taking control the situation by defending themselves without hurting their attacker.


Q. How can my child best excel at Submission Arts Wrestling?

A. Like adults, the most important aspect of your child gaining good SAW skills is consistently attending class.


Q. How do children get promoted in Submission Arts Wrestling?

SAW uses a ranking system similar to that of Judo, belt colors are white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, black. Rank is awarded based on a number of factors to include:

Demonstrate belt-level technique proficiency

Exhibit proper behavior and attitude

Maintain acceptable academics



Q. How do I get my child started in your Submission Arts Wrestling program?

A. You can call us at (480) 438-4389, send us an email, or just stop in 10 to 15 minutes before the start of a class. See our class schedule for Submission Arts Wrestling classes for kids days and times.